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2.1 HOT — OpenStack Heat从入门到实践

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HOT — OpenStack Heat从入门到实践
HOT即Heat Orchestration Template,初学者可能会不大好理解Orchestration这个词,WikiPedia的解释比较贴切。
Orchestration (computers)  
Orchestration describes the automated arrangement, coordination, and management of complex computer systems, middleware, and services.
It is often discussed as having an inherent intelligence (trait) or even implicitly autonomic control, but those are largely aspirations or analogies rather than technical descriptions. In reality, orchestration is largely the effect of automation or systems deploying elements of control theory.
This usage of orchestration is often discussed in the context of virtualization, provisioning, and dynamic datacenter topics. It is often used as a buzzword.
第一部分: heat_template_version
The key with value 2013-05-23 indicates that the YAML document is a HOT template and it may contain features implemented until the Icehouse release. This version supports the following functions (some are back ported to this version):
The key with value 2015-04-30 indicates that the YAML document is a HOT template and it may contain features added and/or removed up until the Kilo release. This version adds the repeatfunction. So the complete list of supported functions is:
第二部分: description
parameters值传入Heat的参数,创建一个虚拟机时,需要指定创建虚拟机所用到的镜像——image_id(CentOS 7.0?Ubuntu 14.04?);需要指定虚拟机创建之后的登录方式——login_mode(密码登录?SSH Key登录?)
第四部分: resources
resources部分是template的YAML对应的heat resource type,“server”指resource name, “COM::TwoFellows::Server”指resource type,properties指的是resource type的一系列属性,与template里的parameters相对应。具体对应关系,将在后面讲解。
第五部分: outputs
outputs指的是resource type的输出,其与Heat resource type类里的attribute相对应,具体对应关系,将在后面讲解。
截止到现在,HOT基本讲解完毕(第四/五部分将在后面再加强理解)。同时,OpenStack Heat官方也给出了一个Hello World template,你也可以参考下,https://github.com/openstack/heat-templates/blob/master/hot/hello_world.yaml 
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